Starbase - Cassini

Starbase Cassini is named after Giovanni Domenico Cassini a french Astronomer, born June, 8 1625 in Perinaldo. He is known for his work in the fields of Astronomy and engineering. Cassini most notible discovered four satellites of Saturn and noted the division of the Rings of Saturn. He was also the first of his family to begin work on the project of creating a topographic map of France. He died September, 14 1712 in the County of Nice.


The orbital station of the Genesis planet is an partial unknown alien technology of an previously unknown alien species. Preliminary researches results, that the orbital station is about 3000 years old. Just a few central and important parts of the large starbase are full operational and adpated for the UF Starfleet. Starfleet engineers implemented Federation technology to make the orbital station usable.


A starbase is generally defined as a heavily-armed, heavily-defended facility used by spacefaring cultures at which both military and civilian spacecraft may be repaired and resupplied. Starbases may be a deep space structure, an orbital facility, a planetary surface facility, or a combination of both planetary surface and orbital structure(s). Starbases are often the hubs of activity within their assigned sectors.


They act as:


  • Trading posts and way stations for civilian transports
  • Military garrison facilities, coordinating military starship operations and support
  • Diplomatic, governmental, medical and legal services for both military and civilian personnel
  • Scientific and Medical research centers


Starbase Cassini was apparently used for all aspects of the starbase purposes : trading post and civilian transports, military usage, services for military and civilian personnel and scientific researches. The known technology is old, but federation standard and compatible to most of the federation computer-systems and consoles and secondary systems. All areas, especially the recreation decks, are roomy and partially filled with unknown plant lifeforms. Nevertheless the majority of the decks and the technology needs to be explored and examined to discover the supposed hidden secrets of an unknown civilization and their technology and society.


The scientific researches will be a central part of the future tasks of the Starbase Cassini. For this purpose the large ground facilities and laboratories on the surface of the planet Genesis will be a part of the Cassini-Project. Of course, the exploration of the orbital station itself and the surface of the planet Genesis will have a top priority for the new Crew of the Starbase Cassini.

Starbase Cassini is part of United Federation Starfleet: www.ufstarfleet.org